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The special designed rotation arm provides the user to squeeze the fruits without using extra power and time saving by turning it 2 rounds. The ergonomically designed arm applies 90 kg of squeezing force to the unit area.

The strainer is locked to the bowl with the help of connecting tabs made on both sides of the bowl. This prevents the strainer from rising up by sticking to the fruit pulp during the squeezing process. The strainer made of stainless steel, provides high squeezing performance thanks to its gradual and angled hole system. The
expanded design reduces the amount of pulp to a minimum level. It can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

Thanks to the upper press that grips the strainer wholly and is settled completely on the bowl, it provides the optimum squeezing process. Thanks to the expanded volume of the bowl and the standard distance between the upper press and the
strainer, it provides a comfortable and effective operation.

The fixing add-on that is underneath the bowl is locked to the bowl pool and prevents the bowl separating from the bowl pool during squeezing process.

Thanks to the dropper, it is prevented from dropping the juice between squeezing processes.

Thanks to the anti-slip plastic base, the juicer will be fully seated to the floor and this will provide an easy squeezing process.

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