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Thanks to the self service tap you can instantly squeeze fresh juice. It has a system that starts the squeezing process when tap is pressed and stops when tap is released.

It has a stainless steel fruit storage reservoir of a standard capacity of 15 kg and optional capacity of 28 kg.The rotating disk that is in the fruit storage reservoir makes the oranges falling into the feeding wire one by one by rotating the oranges.

The squeezing balls made of material that is suitable for food, grasp the fruit and ensure efficient squeezing of fruits. Dishwasher-Safe.

Peelers provides to separate the orange peel from the juice and make them fall into the
trash cans. Dishwasher-Safe.

The special laser cut stainless blade, provides to squeeze the oranges efficiently of 6-8 cm diameters by cutting them in half without smashing. Dishwasher-Safe. Strainer tray provides long-lasting usage with the all stainless steel strainer and the strainer tray.

The front cover made of durable polycarbonate, prevents the splashing of the juice.

Thanks to the safety switch on the cover, the machine won’ t operate if the cover isn’ t settled and provides a safe squeezing process without causing any work accidents.

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