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The stainless steel fruit basket has a 7 kg orange storage capacity. The fruit feeding wire can take 6 to 8 oranges.

The squeezing balls made of material that is suitable for food, grasp the fruit and ensure efficient squeezing of fruits. Dishwasher-Safe.

Peelers provides to separate the orange peel from the juice and make them fall into the trash cans. Dishwasher-Safe.

The special laser cut stainless blade, provides to squeeze the oranges efficiently of 6-8 cm diameters by cutting them in half without smashing. Dishwasher-Safe.

Strainer and strainer tray according to the Food Standards, that filters the fruit pulp are specially designed. Dishwasher-Safe. The front cover made of durable polycarbonate, prevents the splashing of the juice.

Thanks to the safety switch on the cover, the machine won’ t operate if the cover isn’ t settled and provides a safe squeezing process without causing any work accidents.

The two White colour trash cans that will be given together with the counter top
machines have a capacity of 8 kg each.


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