ADR-10E-GK Doner Kebab Robot Wide Cut Electric 10 Heater

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•  First doner robot ever in the world which cuts square Iskender type doner.

• Hygenic and hands-free cutting.

• Can work 24 hours non-stop.
• Can cut doner kebab in desired thickness and continuously.
• Remote control availability
• Patented surface tracking tools which maintain perfect cutting.
• Patented skewer control mechanism that maintain zero mistake for turning and it has also manual rotate ability.
• User friendly control doesn´t need any experience to use.
• Removable parts can clean easily in the washing machine.
• Adjustable cutting pressure.
• Isolated motor which can turn both side and sealed for any grease leak.
• Removable meat storage which has rail and stainer.
• Cutting wideness has temporary and continuous cutting system.
• Grill part can move forward, backward and angled.
• Has bain-marie which holds Doner Kebab inside in optimum heat.
• Cooling fans with air filter.
• Low energy consumption.
• Sharpening mode.
Weight : 260 Kg
Bottom Fixed Width : 75 Cm
Max Meat Weight : 150 Kg
Depth : 111 Cm
Depth Top : 129 Cm
Width : 91 Cm
Voltage Heater : 400 V
Voltage Control : 230 V
Power Control : 120-400 W
Cooker Power : 13 kW
Resistance Heaters : 5×2
Depth Without Tray : 78 Cm
Height : 153 Cm

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