ADR-C1-5E Compact Doner Robot Electric 5 Eyes

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Hygienic and untouched cutting.

• Ability to make continuous doner cutting in desired thickness.
• 24 hour working feature.
• It has zero clearance, precise angle positioning and manual rotation thanks to its patented skewer bearing mechanism.
• Error-free detection of the rotating surface thanks to the patented surface tracking device.
• Simple to use and no experience required.
• Easy and fast cleaning thanks to removable parts (can be cleaned in automatic machines)
• Wide cutting parameter selection feature thanks to the touch screen.
• Adjustable pressure feature on the surface of the meat.
• Ability to adjust doner cooking rotation speed
• Meat chamber with detachable rail and strainer
• Knife sharpening mode
• Cutting width, paused and continuous cutting feature
• Rotary furnace that moves back and forth and whose angle can be adjusted
• Presence of a protection plate to prevent damage to the radians during cleaning.
• Heating unit to maintain the temperature of the cut meat
• While gas and electric types are available, the skewer type is important. Must be specified when ordering
• Cooker automatic movement mechanism is available in our robots
• Compact design
Weight : 133 Kg
Depth Bottom : 86cm
Derinkik Top : 92cm
Width : 67-72cm
Voltage Heater : 400V
Strength : 120-400 kW
Power (Control) : 230W
Power Cooker : 8 kW
kW : 8
Number of Radians : 5
Height : 133cm

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